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Dell Powershell Provider Module

The Dell Laptops TPM version 2.0 and above requires Dell provider module to enable and activate the TPM.

In order to achieve the tasks, i created a powershell script which enables these feature on bios.

  • Create BIOS Admin Password
  • enable UEFI
  • Enable secureBoot
  • Enable/Activate TPM
  • Enable ThunderBolt
  • Remove Bios admin password


In order the script works, you need to copy the Dell Provider Module from dell website and paste it into folder where you save this script. Then create a package in SCCM which contains powreshell script and dell Provider module

Create a Powershell script step in Task sequence and specify the script file name with package you created.

#set executionPolicy
Set-ExecutionPolicy Remotesigned

#Import DellBIOSProivder Module from package
Import-Module .\DellBiosProvider\2.0.0\DellBiosProvider.dll –Verbose

cd DellSMBIOS:

#Set BIOS ADMin Password
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\Security\AdminPassword “PassWord”

#To change the current boot mode to UEFI.
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\BootSequence\BootList “Uefi” -password “PassWord”

#To disable Legacy Boot Rom (required for some machines to enable secureboot
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\AdvancedBootOptions\LegacyOrom “Disabled” -password “PassWord”

#Enable SecureBoot
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\SecureBoot\SecureBoot “Enabled” -password “PassWord”

#Enable TPM
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\TPMSecurity\TPMSecurity “Enabled” -password “PassWord”

#Activate TPM
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\TPMSecurity\TPMActivation “Enabled” -password “PassWord”

#Enable ThunderBolt
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\USBConfiguration\ThunderboltPorts “Enabled” -password “PassWord”

#Enable ThunderBolt Display Port Only
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\USBConfiguration\ThunderboltSecLvl “DpOnly” -password “PassWord”

#Enable ThunderBolt Enable Thunderbolt” Adapter Boot Support
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\USBConfiguration\ThunderboltBoot “Disabled” -password “PassWord”

#Enable ThunderBolt Enable Thunderbolt” Adapter Pre-boot Modules
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\USBConfiguration\ThunderboltPreboot “Disabled” -password “PassWord”

#Remove Admin Password
Set-Item -Path DellSmbios:\Security\AdminPassword “” -password “PassWord”


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