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SCCM MBAM/BitLocker 2.5 – Part 4

7- Install MBAM Client 

In order the device could communicate with MBAM server, we need to install mbam client on each devices.

1-You can use SCCM to create application and deploy to all your devices.

2- Manually install the client on Device


8- Powershell Script to Encrypt & Escrow key

Microsoft has a powershell script which you can use it to start the encryption and escrow the key to the MBAM server.

Download the PS script:  Download LINK

YOU need to specify your mbam server url link in the script or you can call it as parameter when running the PS script.

9- SCCM Task Sequence

For automation, you can use sccm task sequence, and add the MBAM client and MBAM script, and deploy it to your Device collection.


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