PowerShell Registry Tools

I found these two powrshell tools very useful all the time and wanted to share with everyone.

Reg2CI : visit site

You can create a PowerShell script to use as  SCCM Compliance Item to check for a registry key and modify it, Roger Zander has created a cool web tool.

You can just drop your .reg or. pol file into the tool, and you can create both a discovery and a remediation script for that registry setting as well.

PowerShell Policy Editor : Visit Site

This PowerShell Policy Editor is very useful. It’s basically a web-based Group Policy editor that gives you the result in PowerShell. We also get all the benefits of the reports in SCCM whether we’re applying the settings or not.

Convert-GPOtoCI: visit site

This script uses both the Configuration Manager and Active Directory PowerShell modules to query for registry keys associated with Group Policies then create the Configuration Items for each of the registry values.  I have updated the script to include a few options on how this gets done.

Here is a sample command:

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